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Israeli aggression on Ein refugee camp


Israeli aggression on Ein refugee camp foreshadows human catastrophe


NABLUS, (PIC)-- The Israeli aggression against the Ein Beit al-Ma refugee camp in the west of Nablus city, northern West Bank, entered its third consecutive day, foreshadowing a human catastrophe in the camp, where a lot of Palestinian patients are unable to reach medical clinics and hospitals in the city due to the strict curfew being imposed on the camp.

The camp residents are also suffering from a severe shortage in the basic supplies, schools in the camp have been closed and the workers have not been able to reach their place of work. All this is taking place in a refugee camp which, already, bears the brunt of the harsh economic situation in the occupied Palestinian lands.

During their ongoing aggression on the camp, the IOF troops have kidnapped 20 Palestinian citizens so far, most of them are affiliated with Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in addition to storming and ransacking a number of homes there.

The IOF troops also wounded a press photographer from the "Associated Press" agency called Nasser Ishtayeh, after they fired a sonic bomb at him.

For the third day, the Palestinian resistance factions, spearheaded by the Qassam Brigades, with their basic weapons, continue to repel the Israeli invasion despite the fact that the IOF troops are using advanced technological capabilities including surveillance aircrafts and sophisticated movement detection equipment.


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